Illinois Senate passes "Puppy lemon law" proposal

The Illinois Senate has just approved what is commonly referred to as a “puppy lemon law

This type of legislation, which has been enacted in at least 20 states, outlines legal remedies for pet guardians who find out their animal was seriously ill at the time of purchase.

Under the Illinois proposal, if a claim is successfully made, the pet will either be returned, exchanged, or the guardian will be reimbursed for reasonable veterinary fees.

Many are pleased with this new “puppy lemon law” bill, yet the regulation still avoids the root of the problem. If animals are cared for properly, less would be susceptible to serious illnesses, and pet guardians would not have to “remedy” their pet purchases.

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  1. This is a very interesting law. I totally support extending lemon law to animals. Responsible breeding should be the top priority to breeders and enforcing responsible breeding should be expanded as much as possible. It will be interesting to see how hiring an Attorney for lemon law cases will be, and how the legal nuances change between products and animals. Maybe breeders that have had a certain number of suits should have their license revoked?