DEBATE: Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded?

Dinosaurs were once thought to be the cold-blooded kings of the Mesozoic era. But new research on their growth rates suggests the prehistoric beasts grew just as fast as mammals, indicating they were warm-blooded creatures.

Dinosaur researcher Michael D'Emic analyzes dinosaur bones.Credit: Stony Brook University
However, not everyone agrees with the results, and some paleontologists suggest dinosaurs fell in the middle of the cold-blooded (ectotherm) and warm-blooded (endotherm) spectrum,
making them intermediate-blooded (mesotherms).

Dinosaurs are considered reptiles, so scientists had assumed the beasts were cold-blooded like their kin, meaning they depended on their environments to regulate their body temperature. The sluggish metabolism of such a cold-blooded dinosaur would have forced it to lumber slowly across its ancient scape. A warm-blooded dinosaur, however, would have controlled its own body temperature and been equipped with a quicker metabolism. Such a behemoth could have jaunted around its home. 
Source: livescience
Giganotosaurus carolini. Descubierto en 1993 en la Patagonia